About Us

Roller Couture & Co

Roller Couture is a new label brought to you by Frozen Couture and founder Cassandra Atkins. Like Frozen, Roller Couture strives to deliver handmade glamorous and functional skating wear, specialising in roller skating. Roller Couture is the first addition to the Frozen Couture label, Roller Skating just happening to be the first cross over into other sporting genre's that the Couture label will cater for.

Our newest collections are versatile and can be worn not only when skating but as fashionable street wear.

Our Goals & Values

Roller Couture is an Australian owned-&-operated figure skating & training fashion brand.
We are passionate about creating unique, bold & stylish skating wear on the streets that inspires wearers to a level of confidence and performance for the primary reason they look & feel amazing, and stand out in Roller Couture apparel.
Designer-style meets quality & safety in Roller Couture pieces. Roller Couture apparel is responsibly made, using ethically-sourced materials.

Our Products
Roller Couture makes apparel primarily for roller skaters that includes both recreational and professional skaters. 
But we also know this: our line of skating wear has applications off the ring too.
Whether for other physical/athletic training, dance/other performance,  or weekend/party fashion!